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Pivoting with Purpose: Embracing Change and Cultivating Positivity in Creative Endeavors

January 26, 2024 Tracy Dawn Brewer Season 2 Episode 4
Brewtifully Made
Pivoting with Purpose: Embracing Change and Cultivating Positivity in Creative Endeavors
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When life threw a curveball at my creative projects, I realized I had to bend, not break. This episode is all about the dance of adaptation and positivity in the face of the unexpected. As I walk you through the process of shaking up the Doodle segment with new prompts and color palettes, you'll hear how self-encouragement can become your most empowering tool. It's not just about bouncing back; it's about soaring higher, and I'm excited to share how pivoting with purpose has opened new doors for my creative expression and personal growth.

This month's heartfelt conversation isn't just about colors on a canvas; it's also about painting a brighter outlook on life. We'll talk about the art of self-care—crafting inspiration boards that mirror your passions and instilling a habit of gratitude that can transform your mindset. Delving into strategies for nurturing positivity in even the most challenging relationships, I'll offer personal insights that underline the importance of keeping yourself at the heart of every change. By the end of our discussion, I hope to leave you with a renewed sense of your own value and an uplifted spirit to take into the rest of your weekend.

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Tracy Dawn Brewer

Tracy Dawn Brewer:

Hello, welcome back to BrutallyBrewtifully Made. It's good to see you. We are closing in on the end of this month already for 2024. And this is making me very scared about how fast this year is going to go, because if the next 11 months fly by as fast as this one has, it's going to be the holidays in a heartbeat, and there's just so many things I'd like to do this year. So let's dive into Doodle, and we are going to talk about pivoting, that lovely word that was coined during the pandemic that I'm going to share a little bit of thoughts around today because I am changing up how I'm finding something to Doodle. I loved, want to draw, but I just felt like every time we were tackling the Doodle it was bringing up some like just really obscure suggestions which I mean I guess that's fun. I don't know. I was just not kind of feeling it anymore. So I was served a reminder on Instagram from one of the artists that I follow and love Ello Lovely or Lovey, sorry and I used to do her monthly challenges and forgot that she has these, and so found January's and bookmarked it, and once I just want to dive in to doing what the Friday Doodle is her dream and I think that I will follow along, because they're all different and she also has, like, color palettes that you can follow. So that is a lot of fun. But I'm just going to actually throw in some color this time, pull some markers out and just Doodle and talk what comes to mind when I think about dreaming, and it's going to be probably obscure and crazy, but that's fine. I just want to do something a little different now. So we are going to pivot and use this as a resource. So I am anxious to give everybody someone new to follow if you don't follow her, and share these prompts because, you know, gives you something to draw If you're kind of stuck in need a suggestion. So we're going to dive into doing about dream and talking about pivoting. So there's a lot of pivoting going on in my life. So my kiddos are dealing with some changes and working on being there for them at this moment is really important to me, and I wanted to highlight how that happens. On a creative aspect, too, I've got quite a few fun projects lined up for this year my art and creative world and some of them just I've been coming out of the blue Like they weren't planned. I didn't know the people that have reached out to me. I'm reaching out more and it's phenomenal. So some of the things that I thought were in the works don't seem to be. So. I was relying and anticipating on having some projects that are stalling. So the new ones coming up are fun and I'm excited about them. So it really makes you reflect on what you can control and what you can't control, and trying to learn how to adjust to that. I love fixing things. I love being a helper. I love helping people, helping businesses, helping my family, taking care of other people. I'm just a nurturer by heart and I love being able to do something for someone. It just gives me a lot of joy. Even creating, I feel like it is a way of helping someone. So it's either something that they're thinking of, something that they want to do or see in the world, and then you create it. It's like, yes, I get to enjoy that, I love that, I love doing that, I love solving a problem creatively. So when you're on this path, making those decisions and trying to solve that problem, and then all of a sudden it's like no, we've changed our mind. You need to do it this way or I don't need that assistance anymore. It's like a little bit blindsided. It's something you're not expecting. It's like how do you get through that? How do you get past those issues and, I guess, create a new path or recover from those? Sometimes they can have financial consequences attached to them and it doesn't work out. You're like what am I going to do? I know that's a big fear as an artist, and if that is something that you are relying on to take care of your family and something falls through, it's like okay, I got to recover from that. So we really have to be our biggest influencer, we have to be our biggest cheerleader and we have to rely on all the lessons that we have learned on how to get through situations like that. So I think that that is a huge thing to think about when you're wanting to pivot and change. I think that it helps creatively. So if you are trying to, let's say, work through a situation where you have been given a brief and that you want to do, you present some ideas and it's accepted and you're going down this path and creating something and all of a sudden it changes. It's like, how do you change? I think you need to first stop and reflect. You need to think about okay, make a list, these are the things that we're working and then this is why it stopped. Maybe it's just like one thing, maybe they're just like we ran out of money, we can't pay whatever. Just write down those setbacks and then really reflect on was this in my control? Was this not in my control? Don't take it personally. It could have been a financial situation where they couldn't continue to work with you. Try to balance that out so you're not doing a lot of self-blaming. That's really important to come to an acceptance level If you need to acknowledge that that's a natural situation. Things are going to happen that are out of your control and you just have to stop and think about how it's not a reflection on you as a creative person. Sometimes it is of even that company or that person's control too. Just don't dwell on the negative part, and that's easier said than done, but it really does lend itself to having a positive mindset when you're looking at a whole situation overall. I know I've been involved in some projects and I see parts of it moving along and you're so excited because you're waiting for that step. That includes you. Sometimes it doesn't come. I've been part of things that I thought I was going to get to contribute more to and then it doesn't happen and it's deflating and it's hard to get past. But I think that you have to again look at. There is going to be a lesson learned. Maybe there were some signs that you were ignoring when it got to that point and you're like, okay, I should have realized that. Okay, the communication was slowing down, things were stopping, they weren't responding to messages, they weren't giving you feedback. Sometimes, when you really look back and reflect, you can see that was the sign that that was happening. Then, set realistic goals. Try to be very frank with yourself about larger projects, larger situations, larger things that you want to be involved in and make realistic goals and things that you can control. If it's your communication, if it's the way that you're providing feedback, if it's your work schedule, anything like that things that are in your control. Be very realistic with them and with yourself. Don't overburden yourself. Don't over promise and under deliver. I know that's a phrase that I've been told and used for many, many years. It's true. Don't overburden yourself, because it can just lead to so much stress. Be very realistic Then. Also, it's not a bad thing to look for people to support you. Surround yourself with people that will help you manage time or respect your time or give you positive, constructive criticism. If you need feedback on what something looks like, find people that will be very honest with you and not just say it's great, like my mom would. Just make sure you have people that are in your circle that will be very honest and respect those opinions. Not everybody is going to agree with you. Not everybody is going to like everything that you do, and it's good to have those people in your corner and be very adaptable. It's very important, no matter what you're doing, if it's creatively personally, don't be so set in your ways that you just won't be able to handle anything uncertain. You want to be flexible. You want to navigate obstacles as effectively as you can. I know that the order I have grown, the easier. That has come to me because I honestly just started to not care about if everyone accepted me or not. I know when I was younger I felt like being my world's crushed. The order I get, I'm like I'll find my people, they'll be around me eventually and that has happened. I have been too much for some people and I realize they're telling me that in certain ways, they aren't cheering for me. Everything was being criticized and I couldn't do enough for them. It's come back to haunt me as, wow, that was a huge lesson learned Just being able to navigate those obstacles and being adaptable and believing in yourself. That's huge. Never stop learning, never stop growing. That can be with meeting and embracing new challenges. It could be with new classes. It could be with new methods that you're learning. I joined a mastermind last year and got to hear about how all these other artists were working, their practices and their creative talents and their businesses and it was inspiring Just to be inspired by other people. Even everybody was struggling. Nobody was 100 percent. This is exactly where I want to be and this is how I did it. Everybody had obstacles, everybody was working on something really hard. Everybody was like I achieved this. This is what I've been wanting, this was my dream for so long. And now I'm here and I'm questioning is this really what I want? It was just like, yes, it's never perfect, it's never going to be exactly, it's never going to be smooth. I don't care who it is. I'm watching people that have achieved stuff, with followers and classes and influencers and they're struggling. They're struggling with their mental health, they're struggling with their family time, they're struggling with meeting expectations, because now it's like, well, I've got to this point, now everyone expects me to be perfect all through this next segment of my life, and that's really hard. So putting those expectations on someone that's achieved a dream and making sure that you aren't falling under that, I guess fear of okay, I'm here, I've made it and can I maintain it, because it's a lot of stress. So there's got to be a healthy balance. You have to keep that expectation realistic and create a few plans. I know it's fun to be spontaneous, but it's also really smart to like okay, this is a plan and it's okay if I stick with it and do it in increments. Maybe it's a two-week plan, maybe it's a monthly plan, maybe it's a half a year to a year plan. Five year plans are good too. It's fun to make those plans and then hang on to them and then look and see how you've progressed and it's amazing how fast time flies. I mean, look at this, it's already the end of January and in 30 days what have you done from the end of last year and are you on any sort of plan or expectation of where you want it to be. So it's good to write this journal, doodle it I don't care how you do it, but just something that you can look back and say, wow, this is where I'm at. Or this is where I'm still at and I still have a lot to do. You've got to give yourself some grace. My gosh, that's the biggest thing. Be self-compassionate. You've got to be kind to yourself first, before anybody else. You've got to understand that setbacks happen. You've got to own your life, your mistakes, things that you do. Everything has two sides to a story. So if it's a job that you're working on, maybe you didn't give 100%, maybe you were just like, waiting till the last minute, did something and they don't like it and you're like why didn't you like it? You chose me to do this, you know. Look back. Did you really participate fully? Was your heart in it? Be honest with yourself and give yourself some grace and reevaluate, and do that often. Don't wait until the last minute. You know. Listen to feedback from other people. Listen if they're giving you feedback. Make sure that you're listening and not just listening to a respond, but really hearing somebody and be persistent. There's no reason why you give up on all your dreams if something fails. You know, if you lose, maybe you've been on something and you didn't get it and you're like, well, that's it, I'm never going to do this again. Don't be like that. Don't let setbacks just deter you from any of your dreams. Everybody's going to have setbacks. Those are some of my favorite stories when you talk about and hear about people that are successful and have achieved amazing things, and then they talk about why I was rejected by this, this, this, this, this. I mean we are never going to be what everybody wants. So, my gosh, you've got to stay persistent. You really have to. You have to persevere through setbacks and those and situations. Don't let things take you down Again. You have to be your biggest influencer. You have to believe in yourself first. You have to do that before you can surround yourself with anybody that's going to believe in you. You've got to have self confidence somewhere and if you need to talk to someone to find that, find someone that you can talk to to see it, because sometimes it's hard to see it in ourselves. And some of the most positive, self-confident people, I'm telling you they are still struggling. Are they good enough? Is this what somebody wants in the world? Am I being unique and creative enough? Am I stalled? You know, oh my gosh, your business wants to still stay relevant. Every person still wants to be relevant and sometimes we need to find those people in our lives that are going to remind you. Yes, the world still needs you, your perspective, what you're offering. We still want to hear from you, and it's just really reassuring to have that in your corner. So, you know, don't stop with the positive self-talk and you know, practice gratitude on yourself. Write yourself positive messages. If you're sitting there going down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and Instagram, make a board of like positive affirmations, just so you can refer back to it, and it's fun to find things that are relevant and research them based on like funny puns, or research them based on things that are of your interest. You know gratitude around. Let's say, it's a certain you know genre of movie or maybe it's something that you enjoy. Maybe you're into Drew Grime podcast and you want to. You know, stay positive. So help me find ways to look at relationships where I'm not in that situation. I mean, really just spin it to where it's fun for you. So I just wanted to make sure you're taking care of yourself and I just want to make sure that, over everyone, that you're being kind to, that whenever there's a situation that you have to pivot from through around, that you're the center of that pivot, that you are the center of that change. You need to shrink back down into everything that's happening around you and you have to focus on yourself first, and those are your ideas and your ideals, and that's what's most important. I just want to remind you that you are brutally made, and here's my little set of drills for dreams and yeah, those are really out of the box, but this was fun. This is a good pivot. So I like this pivot. We're going to stay with this pivot and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to talk to you next time and see what the next do will be. So take care and have a beautiful Friday. You are brewtifully made. Take care.

Pivoting and Adapting in Creativity
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